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The Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy

The Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy brings together more than two dozen researchers, practitioners, policy makers, advocates, and community representatives to generate and cultivate new ideas around the work to reimagine justice.  The Executive Session was created with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of the Safety and Justice Challenge, which seeks to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails.

Executive Session Papers

While the Executive Session meetings themselves are off-the-record, Session members publish papers intended to catalyze thinking and policy reform solutions that can reduce incarceration and develop new responses to violence and other social problems that can emerge under conditions of poverty and racial inequality.

Preliminary Thoughts on Reimagining Judging | By Nancy Gertner (December 2021)

January 2022 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy Reimagining judging EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FULL REPORT PRESS RELEASE Overview Judges have traditionally been resistant to most types of reform: even when changed laws broadened the scope of judges’ sentencing discretion, many judges have been hesitant to utilize this development. We must find ways to…

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Beyond the Easiest Cases | By Greisa Martínez Rosas and Matt Desmond (December 2021)

December 2021 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy beyond the easiest cases EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FULL REPORT PRESS RELEASE Overview In this paper, the authors examine the power of narratives to impact cultural, political, and policy change, arguing that narratives based on contingent morality – that is, oversimplifying people into “deserving heroes” or…

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What Makes a City Safe: Viable Community Safety Strategies that Do Not Rely on Police or Prison | By Amanda Alexander and Danielle Sered (December 2021)

December 2021 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy What Makes a city safe: viable community safety strategies that do not rely on police or prisons BOSTON REVIEW PUBLICATION FULL REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Overview Divesting from law enforcement is not merely compatible with reducing interpersonal violence in communities; it is necessary. To understand…

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Towards A New Framework For Achieving Decarceration: A Review Of The Research Literature On Social Investments | By Laura Hawks, Evangeline (Evie) Lopoo, Lisa Puglisi, and Emily Wang (October 2021)

October 2021 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy Towards A New Framework For Achieving Decarceration: A Review Of The Research On Social Investments EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FULL REPORT PRESS RELEASE Overview Recent calls to decarcerate – to reduce reliance on the criminal legal system as a means to surveil and punish – have…

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Protecting and Serving Victims — Their Way, Not Ours | By Melissa Nelson and Kevin Thom (June 2021)

June 2021 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy Protecting and Serving Victims – Their Way, Not Ours EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FULL REPORT PRESS RELEASE Overview As a prosecutor and a sheriff, we have seen countless and compelling moments where the best of our work has translated into positive victim support in the aftermath…

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The Power of Parsimony | By Daryl Atkinson and Jeremy Travis (May 2021)

May 2021 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy The Power of Parsimony Full Report Executive Summary Overview As our country comes to terms with the damage caused by our excessive reliance on punishment as a response to crime, the use of the criminal law to sustain racial hierarchies, and the ways the…

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Harm Reduction at the Center of Incarceration | By Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia (April 2021)

Everyone within a correctional facility––both the staff and the people housed there––is exposed to trauma at a significantly higher rate than the general population. In this sense, the institution itself is traumatic. And because of the connective tissue that exists among all of us, the effect of this traumatic system spreads beyond the walls of an institution and into families and communities. Physical and procedural transformation of correctional facilities is imperative to promoting harm reduction at large. The STAAC framework for harm reduction can guide necessary shifts in correctional system policy, procedure, and training to support the health of correctional staff and their families, the people housed in the facility and their families, and the broader community.

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Social Fabric: A New Model for Public Safety and Vital Neighborhoods | By Elizabeth Glazer and Patrick Sharkey (March 2021)

Should the police own safety? For the past forty years, localities across the country have responded with a resounding “yes,” as the primary response to crime has been to call upon the police and criminal justice system. That approach has come with harms, long understood in communities of color and further underscored last summer by the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death. These harms undermine the trust that should be the very foundation of any system of justice. This paper argues that there is a different and more durable model, based on the oldest of ideas and eminently doable, especially in this moment of pandemic-straitened budgets: tight-knit communities, where residents are brought together through local institutions and have access to basic civic resources, are the places where safety thrives.

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Learned Helplessness, Criminalization, and Victimization in Vulnerable Youth | By Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Evangeline Lopoo, and Anamika Dwivedi (December 2020)

DECEMBER 2020 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy Learned Helplessness, Criminalization, and Victimization in Vulnerable Youth Full Report Executive Summary Overview The United States detains youth in a multitude of settings – the criminal legal system, immigrant detention centers, the foster care system, and more – at rates far higher than global…

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Understanding Health Reform as Justice Reform | By Lynda Zeller and Jackie Prokop (November 2020)

November 2020 | Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy Understanding Health Reform as Justice Reform Full Report Executive Summary Press Release Overview Justice reform strategies to reduce mass incarceration will not be successful without healthcare and social supports for persons with chronic health conditions. This intersection of health and justice holds the potential…

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Meet Our Executive Session Members

More than two-dozen individuals from a diverse range of professions and roles comprise our Executive Session. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the Executive Session tests and pushes its participants to challenge their own thinking and consider new options.


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Black life and Black love at its best❤️

@square1justice 12 Days of Podcast: Day 9/Ep 9 - Who says it's necessary that prison be traumatic? Not @NnekaTapia, who joins us to tell of ... her work in Chicago questioning this premise.

Reimagining new justice and immigration systems will require telling new stories.

In the latest from @square1justice, @just_shelter, and ... our Executive Director @GreisaMartinez outline how criminal justice & immigration advocates can build new narratives:

One of the all time greats. Yes, it's real. Yes, your org does it.

The limit of 4 tests/household disproportionately affects people who share living costs/have roomates, and multi-generation households. The... address requirement also leaves unhoused people without testing. There should be no limit, and more methods to access free tests.

It just keeps getting more and more absurd.

Black Billionaire Robert Smith Emerging As Possibile Bidder For Denver Broncos NFL Franchise

19 division titles, 10 conference championships, 6 Super Bowl victories, and the winningest professional sports team since 1994.

28 years ... ago today, Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots.

Appreciate you Cordae! Will keep doing what we can to free Shiloh✊🏿

Proud of this team and everyone who stands for justice. #PursueJusticeAlways

Thank you @scanlan_dan, @SelfTUPhoto, and @jaxdotcom for telling Jim's story and highlighting the amazing work he does here at @SAO4Florida ... to help #PursueJusticeAlways.

He is truly talented and we are fortunate to have him.

I love this story of Master Sergeant William Crawford and today is perfect to share it again. God bless our veterans. ...

Today we honor and express gratitude for those who served in the US Military- like this fine Sailor (here touring the USS Midway where he ... served- in the seat beside his daughter)- thank you!

Thank you DaBaby for bringing us together. The Court and community must reimaginejustice together.

It’s time for the courts to reckon with the ways we maintain systems of oppression and white supremacy. It’s time to #reimagineJustice ... for our Charlotte community.

The most serious consequence of the rapid militarization of American police forces, however, is the subtle evolution in the mentality of the... "men in blue" from "peace officer" to soldier. @RSI

Excellent oped in @GothamGazette by @iamdarrenmack We Need Eric Adams to be the Mayor Who Closes Rikers ... via @GothamGazette

“The recent, pandemic-driven increases in crime should not prompt us to discard decades of bipartisan success in favor of bromides ... unlikely to improve safety.”
Do we protect NYC by jailing New Yorkers?

Powerful @NYDailyNews oped by @thefortunesoc CEO Joanne Page. Adams’ obligation to Rikers Island ...

Stalking is a serious crime that can take place in person or online. This #StalkingAwarenessMonth head over to @nycendgbv for information ... about stalking and resources for survivors:

@loveandhiphop’s very own #SafareeSammuels is excited to be part of the 12th annual #PeaceWeek, the easiest way to make peace real in our ... streets! Listen closely, on how gun violence has impacted his LIFE and his message on how we can spread peace in our communities.

As a body, we are committed to creating a peaceful and harmonious community for individuals who participate in improving their lives and the... lives of their community. We achieve this by mentoring and empowering through education.

#Allin4Peace #PeaceWeek #Peaceisalifestyle

Can policies for reducing poverty, improving healthcare, and child wellness reduce criminal justice contact? The evidence reframes criminal ... justice reform, focusing on the risks to social and economic well-being. 3 new papers provide some data 1/5

America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Its criminal justice policies sustain racial exclusion and deepen poverty. Starting... over from square one, what could a legitimate system of justice look like?
New #Daedalus issue reimagines justice:

A new paper on solitary confinement.

You can also join us in this campaign by signing our petition, demanding New York State put the needs of survivors first. ...

Read to learn more about our campaign to expand access to critical resources for survivors--and join us!

Survivors of violence deserve resources to support their path to healing. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that can impact their ... access to those critically important funds. Read to learn more about our campaign for Fair Victim Compensation.

86 minutes well worth the listen. @patrick_sharkey lays out WHAT to do to increase safety, and I hope our local Transforming Justice project... will inspire HOW to get it done.

Ankle Monitors Tether Wearers to the Carceral System: Study | The Crime Report ...

After piloting an innovative family visitation program and healing-centered practice in Cook County Jail, ES member Dr. @NnekaTapia explores... lessons learned and how we can #ReimagineJustice by reducing harm & center healing in jails and prisons. Read here👉

Care Campus announces Detox Tech Porter Wimp is January's Employee of the Month! Porter is willing to help no matter the situation. He is ... always running across the building for coworkers/clients at any sign of distress. Porter is a blast & we're lucky he's on our team!

Multiple Felony Warrants issued for Tracy Sherryl Laughlin for Forgery and Possession of Controlled Drug/Substance. If you know her ... whereabouts, please contact the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office at 605-394-6117.

Busy morning! Ice covered the interstate early this morning as Law Enforcement worked motor assists, crashes & jackknifed semis. Great ... interagency cooperation closing I-90, clearing the roadways, dealing with major back-ups and finally re-opening the interstate.

It’s been a year and a day since the start of the Biden/Harris administration - where are the nominees for @OJPgov, @OJPNIJ, @DOJBJA, ... @OJPOJJDP, and @BJSgov? Like/retweet if you agree we need leaders at these critically important agencies ASAP.

Well done! This is the blueprint for the next chapter in our efforts to reduce violence. Now. Lives are at stake. We need to find common ... cause around this north star. @CouncilonCJ @Abt_Thomas @heartlandhelps @LAPDETingirides

Good news: in her first State of the State, @GovKathyHochul announced (1) restoration of state funding for college courses in NYS prisons ... & (2) closure of 6 prisons & a commission to promote development opp's for these communities. Vision for the future!

NEW study w/ revelatory, important & utterly predictable findings:

White people were more likely to benefit from mass decarceration ... during COVID-19 and rates of Black people incarcerated increased in EVERY single state.

Beautiful 🧵 explicating possible mechanisms

So excited to kick off our fall seminar series!!

New Zine Alert ⚡️ "Practicing Abolition, Creating Community" by Benji Hart & Emma Li!

"For our communities to have access to the ... resources they deserve, abolition must become a part of every action we take, and every bond we forge."

Read on Issuu:

We have some powerful women leading us here in this state.

@MXLDET getting some we’ll earned love & recognition from @RashidaTlaib on... the House floor today. Two leaders I’d follow into battle any day. ❤️✊🏽

Have you applied for our 2022 artist residency yet? Applications are open until 2/14/22.The residency is open to artists working in any ... medium who are residents of Wayne County. Apply here:

Which of course is not only about interpersonal violence but self harm accidents etc

Listened to an amazing episode of Snap Judgement and learned about a boiling river in Peru that a young geoscientist @georuzo studied. ...

In the latest @HiddenBrain podcast, @JCollaboratory member @DrPhilGoff discusses with @ShankarVedantam how changing the framing around the ... problem of #policing in America can help bridge the rift between police and Black Americans.

Listen here:

How to Reimagine Judging via @TheTakeaway

Op-Ed: What do we teach law students when we have no faith in the Supreme Court? ...

How Donald Trump Could Subvert the 2024 Election - The Atlantic ...

Thank you for all you do and are, @impastormike_!

Congratulations to the amazing @NOLAJola! We at @TheRabenGroup are beyond fortunate to have her as a colleague. Can’t wait to see what ... happens next!

What makes a city safe? The answer isn’t police or prisons. In a new paper for @square1justice, the ever brilliant @A_S_Alexander and I ... offer up strategies to address violence at its core:

2021 really really really blew: my dad died while I held his hand, huge disruptions professionally and financially, my own heath took a ... hit…. and cherry on top - we got COVID over Christmas.

But it’s a New Year with new possibilities.

Great work by a good friend - Alex Duran. More to come in ‘22.. ( @arthurrizer @novogratz )

ROC Executive Director @tolmanbrett discusses the inequities in our justice system with @JohnFBachman on @newsmax. Tolman reminds us that ... the hallmark of fairness in the administration of Justice is consistency. #ConservativeJusticeReform #CJR

The fifth and final panel of the day on judges and their role featured @vpreddy, @CKInstitute; Judge John Gleeson, Judge Kimberly Esmond ... Adams, and Judge Kevin Sharp. #EndtheTrialPenalty

It’s great to hear from @BrandonLGarrett of @DukeLaw’s @WilsonCSJ_ at @NACDL’s conference on “The Constitutional Right to Trial.”

Michael Dreeben representing the criminal defendant in an ACCA case is major cognitive dissonance to this court watcher.