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The Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy

The Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy brings together more than two dozen researchers, practitioners, policy makers, advocates, and community representatives to generate and cultivate new ideas around the work to reimagine justice.  The Executive Session was created with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of the Safety and Justice Challenge, which seeks to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails.

Executive Session Papers

Papers from the Executive Session on the Future of Justice Policy have been published as an edited collection in Parsimony and Other Radical Ideas about Justice (New Press 2023). See here for more information and purchasing options."

Meet Our Executive Session Members

More than two-dozen individuals from a diverse range of professions and roles comprise our Executive Session. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the Executive Session tests and pushes its participants to challenge their own thinking and consider new options.


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“The contention that an AP curriculum in African American Studies ‘lacks educational value’ is a proposition supported by white ...supremacist ideology, because it fundamentally demeans the history, culture, and contributions of Black people.” #BlackAP

Chicago sounds like: Jeanine Valrie Logan. Listen to her story and how our Leader in Residence is working for access to compassionate, ...individualized healthcare for mothers and infants through her work at @southside_birth via @vocalo

“We as funders must see ourselves as actors with power in the systems we are working within." @Chicago_Beyond's approach, Whole ...Philanthropy, is a way to re-center humanness. Read more about our work in @familygiving

Read CURB’s statement (🔗 following recent announcements from @cagovernor @gavinnewsom to push for a 'new ...philosophy of incarceration' by rebranding San Quentin State Prison into "The San Quentin Rehabilitation Center."


I went to college with this clown. He was the epitome of an average, if slightly dumber, white Indiana dude. He had fascistic tendencies ...then, but nobody took him seriously. How does a whole state take him seriously now?

There are few things more inspiring than working families fighting for dignity, fair wages, and respect.

If you see a school employee, show them some love.

Enjoyed a meaningful conversation with the Welcome to Fatherhood podcast about Black fatherhood, living your purpose, and how @REFORM is ...helping families impacted by an unjust probation and parole system.

Enjoyed a meaningful conversation with the Welcome to Fatherhood podcast about Black fatherhood, living your purpose, and how @REFORM is ...helping families impacted by an unjust probation and parole system.

Our Brooklyn @NYCWorkforce1 team partnered with @REFORM to connect 4000+ justice-involved NYers with opportunities for meaningful ...employment!

Those who knew Jimmy are better for it.

His faith in God and deep love for his family inspired many. To Shannon and Jakson, he was a true ...hero.

I pray his fight for ALS education and research will help find a cure.

Rest in peace, my friend. #ALS

Remarkable investigative work by #TeamSAO4, @jsopio, @fbijacksonville, the Demopolis Police Department, and Alabama State Bureau of ...Investigation to find the truth. #PursueJusticeAlways #JusticeForTaylor

Going international with a Canadian guest sharing bites of leadership insights! ⁦@ziman_kristen⁩ ⁦@DCCDavey⁩ ⁦@tedmadden⁩ ...

Acts of violence like Speaker Pelosi and her husband suffered are reprehensible, at their home is level of depravity that should be jarring... to all.

Please know that the prayers and warm wishes from so many are a comfort to our family and are helping Paul make progress with his recovery....

We are grateful for the quick response of law enforcement and emergency services, and for the life-saving medical care he is receiving.

Thank you DaBaby for bringing us together. The Court and community must reimaginejustice together.

It’s time for the courts to reckon with the ways we maintain systems of oppression and white supremacy. It’s time to #reimagineJustice ...for our Charlotte community.

The most serious consequence of the rapid militarization of American police forces, however, is the subtle evolution in the mentality of ...the "men in blue" from "peace officer" to soldier. @RSI

Come join our great team in one of our most vital positions helping young people thrive in their home communities!!!

In an op-ed in today's @BaltimoreBanner, Adnan Syed and Prince George’s County defense attorney Melissa Miller call for the end of ...prosecuting children as adults: "It’s time to undo the mistakes of the super-predator era:"

SPOTLIGHT: Our partners at @YouthJusticeNY launched the "Shifting Gears" mobile unit to provide easily accessible resources for youth ...released from incarceration. Watch as @nbcnightlynews highlights the team's impact on NYC communities:

The Emergency Housing Voucher program is helping thousands of New Yorkers, like Danasia, find housing. Here she is pictured with her son, ...holding the keys to their new apartment just in time for the holiday season! #EHVSuccessStories #MondayMotivation

Donate new or used clothing to @bkjusticeintves's winter clothing drive this holiday season & provide some extra warmth & comfort New Yorkers who have been negatively impacted by the criminal justice system (or order off the wish list:

The Columbia Justice Lab is hiring a Postdoctoral Research Scholar to work on the Raise the Age Research Project, the Punishment and ...Incarceration in NYC Project, and the Probation and Parole Reform Project! For more information and to apply, visit

TOMORROW: Don't miss out on an in-person discussion with @KhalilGMuhammad and @WesternBruce on the recent publication "Reducing Racial ...Inequality in Crime and Justice"

⏰ 11:30 AM-1:30 PM ET
📍Bell Hall, fifth floor, Belfer Building, HKS

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Tonight! Join @square1justice to celebrate the publication of PARSIMONY AND OTHER RADICAL IDEAS ABOUT JUSTICE with contributors ...@WesternBruce, @JTravis48, @Vivian_D_Nixon, @HuffmanKA, @mearest, @ngertner, and a spoken word performance by Aisha X. Elliott

Next Monday, join Common Justice's @daniellesered for "From Sorrow to Solutions," a virtual convening addressing gun violence in Black and ...brown communities through journalistic solutions hosted by @NYAmNews. Learn more about the panels and register at

The Fair Access To Victim Compensation Campaign is a state-wide campaign, led by several local NY-based groups and orgs fighting for ...expanded and equitable access to victim compensation funds. To learn more about this bill, visit

"Does NY love Black and Brown ppl? That is the question on this Valentine's Day. Whether this state has love for Black and Brown people. ...You don't love us in policing as you brutalize us, you over-arrest us and harass us." @SenatorMyrie today for #fairaccesstovictimcompensation

We're excited to announce "Parsimony and Other Radical Ideas About Justice," our new book edited by
@JTravis48 and @WesternBruce. Rooted reimagining justice, Parsimony envisions a new framework for achieving public safety. For more info & to pre-order👇

Writing this is risky personally and professionally, but it’s imperative for me to share what I learned about how things really work If Portland’s going to get better, we must grapple with the city’s underlying dysfunction.

Let’s stop tinkering around with systems of oppression. Instead, let’s reckon with harm and commit to change.

Badge Buddies is a great program for students to interact with Law Enforcement at @RapidCityRush.

School Resource Officers Herra, Wheeler,... Rhoden and Twiss all made sure the kids had a great experience.

The felony alert issued for Elijah Keith Goodbear on March 10, 2023 has been cancelled. Goodbear has been arrested.

A Warning Dissemination TEST Message will be sent on Wed, March 22, 1:30 PM, MT to ALL of Pennington County’s available dissemination ...methods.
*WEA "TEST" messages must be enabled on your device to receive. Learn how to enable it at

We're celebrating the heroic work of public defenders across the country, as well as calling loudly for change.

Read more about the 60th ...anniversary of the #Gideon vs. Wainwright Supreme Court decision from our Communications Manager @ThomasMHanna:

To @jenniferdoleac a warm welcome to the @Arnold_Ventures family! We are eager to work with you to build on the momentum we have ...established supporting evidence based CJ policy reform! Tx for your generous words and for bringing your talents and passion to this work!

Many thanks to @WesternBruce for his vision for @square1justice & @HuffmanKA @AnamikaDwivedi_ & @Vivian_D_Nixon for their ...leadership on #reimaginejustice & @thenewpress for bringing this book to life. Great journey!

My colleagues @virtual_nadine & Lisa Puglisi discussing the important work of the Transitions Clinic supporting the health of folks ...returning home from prison. We need the CT CGA to adopt changes to Medicaid to expand the model. @ewang422 @BhandaryJames

With my tribe, missing Jerry @_Transitions #TCNLA2023 #healthISreentry @SEICHE_Yale

NEW: *21%* of Black Tennesseeans can’t vote because of felony convictions.

TN is the state with the highest rates of both Black and ...Latino (8%) disenfranchisement in the country. @propublica

📢JUST RELEASED! CURB's Roadmap for Prison Closure!

CURB is proud to present a roadmap to #CloseCAPrisons successfully & shift ...billions of dollars in cost savings from wasteful prison spending to communities most impacted by incarceration.💖


In 2022 we gathered to document our visions and dreams for #birthjustice and policy. This year, we gather to share and celebrate work ...progressing to make our visions and dreams a reality. Join us during Black Maternal Health Week, April 14th, 12-2pm at Spot Lite Detroit.

“There is no ‘both/and’ when it comes to abolition & reform…Reform operates at cross purposes to defunding police because it ...reinvests money & legitimacy into policing—all in an attempt to recuperate a fundamentally violent institution.” @prisonculture @dreanyc123, #NoMorePolice

I am so proud of the work @million_book and @dwaynebetts do, and honored to be a part of it.

A man of great strength and grace. As talented a musician as he was an actor. The epitome of class. An sudden unexpected sharp painful ...grief for our artistic family. An unimaginable suffering for his personal family and loved ones. Godspeed my friend. You made your mark here. RIP

I had the opportunity to discuss with the fearless @michelebgoodwin an incident of denial that happened to me a long time ago. I hope ...others can learn from and be inspired by the fantastic conversation we had. Thanks Michele and thanks @MsMagazine!

@kellystevenslab @BostonGlobe Not sure why this reporter was chosen for this story, but the story is totally ignorant

For a very smart man, David Sabatini is a slow learner when it comes to acknowledging mistakes running a lab at the Whitehead Institute. My... column via @GlobeOpinion.

Note to the New Sentencing CommissionStart from Scratch ...

This is what it looks like to #ReimagineJustice in North Carolina - @Forward_Justice and many others showing us how to learn from history ...and build democracy!

Join this amazing group tomorrow for @square1justice's Back to School TwitterSpace - considering justice for young people that happens ...through schools and supports, not through punishment! @DrCRobinson @LCT_NC @AnamikaDwivedi_ #JusticeFirst

Check out the latest episode of CRT2 featuring SQ1 roundtable participants @MzDeHoskins & @Vivian_D_Nixon, where they discuss barriers re-entry for the nearly 2 million individuals leaving women’s prisons and jails every year in the United States. 👇

My new piece on what we CJ reformers can learn from the DC Crime Bill fail: ... @FedSoc

Our take on the outrageous behavior of some Stanford Law Students and school administrators towards Kyle Duncan, a distinguished federal ...judge - @EdMeeseIII @FedSoc @DSafavianEsq @tolmanbrett @DougDeason @arthurrizer @EdWhelanEPPC

Meeting with criminal justice reform warriors in Buenos Aires. Wonderful city.

The state of data in the American criminal justice system is absolutely sordid. Listen to Clementine Jacoby of @Recidiviz discuss the ...problems -- and the solutions!

I have long been a fan of @ScottLincicome's economics writing at the @CatoInstitute. What a treat to find that his recent #NewWorker book ...includes a chapter on criminal justice -- namely, how CJ policy in America sometimes discourages employment:

An important piece in the @WSJ by @Abt_Thomas: