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Monica C Bell

Associate Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Monica Bell is an Associate Professor of Law at Yale University and a trained sociologist. Her areas of research include criminal justice, poverty, welfare law, constitutional law, housing, and race and the law. Some of her recent scholarship has been published in The Yale Law Journal, Law & Society Review, Social Service Review, and the Annual Review of Law & Social Science. She has also published work in popular outlets such as the Los Angeles Review of Books and the Washington Post.

Before entering the academy, Monica served as a fellow at the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, where she worked on matters related to cash assistance to families and disabled adults, child support, unemployment insurance, homeless services, healthcare, and other legal and policy issues affecting low-income women and families. Monica clerked for the Honorable Cameron McGowan Currie of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, and before that worked several campaign cycles as a political operative on state and local races.

Monica participated in the first Square One Roundtable convening “Examining the History of Racial and Economic Inequality: Implications for Justice Policy and Practice.”

The Community in Criminal Justice: Subordination, Consumption, Resistance & Transformation