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Experts - Vivian Nixon-min

Vivian Nixon

Executive Director, College and Community Fellowship

Reverend Vivian D. Nixon is the Executive Director of College & Community Fellowship (CCF), an organization that helps women whose lives have been impacted by criminal and corrections systems to access and complete college. She spent eleven years yoked to corrections systems before joining CCF to complete her theological education, a B.A. at Empire College, and an M.F.A. at Columbia School of the Arts. Inquiry into the function of knowledge as power is a consistent theme in Vivian’s work. She imagines justice as a demand that equity, inclusion, capacity, and visibility exist for all people across all systems. The John Jay Medal for Justice and fellowships at Aspen Institute Ascend, Open Society Foundations, and Pen America are distinctions she appreciates deeply. Vivian is writing a memoir and other projects that expand the narrative of performing Black Girl Magic amid structural oppression.

Vivian joined us for our virtual Roundtable convening “Examining Justice Reform and the Social Contract in the United States: Implications for Justice Policy and Practice.”

Suppressing Education to Silence Resistance: An American Tradition in Black Lives