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Imagine Justice That Works

Our Work

The Square One Project is all about imagining a future for justice and public safety that starts from scratch — from square one — instead of tinkering at the edges or cherry-picking cordoned-off areas for reform. To do so, we need to get to the root of the problem: decades of neglect around communities with chronic poverty and the twin crises of ingrained racism. 


As conveners, we are focused on creating spaces that promote and nurture ideas that can help us achieve true justice and public safety. We’re both an incubator for fresh ideas and a venue for learning more about the enormous body of work that is already transforming justice around the country and world. 


The Square One Project is on a search for the best ideas about how to make justice a reality for all.  We’re looking at what’s happening in neighborhoods, in research, in history, and among creative thinkers from every background and field.  We’re working with agents of change — from prosecutors, police officers and judges to local neighborhood members, city officials, academics, health providers, and more. We will share and build on innovative ideas and solutions that are already working, and consider new ways of addressing the violence, poverty, and racial inequity that stand in the way of public safety and justice for all.

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