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Justice Is The Next Normal

We have found ourselves at a pivotal moment. Where we go from here will have far-reaching effects on society for decades to come.

Square One Responds to COVID-19 and the recent social justice movement groundswell

The coronavirus pandemic jump-started a national movement to begin emptying prisons of people who posed little or no threat to society, such as the elderly, the sick, and those near the end of their sentences. While the initial effort was a frantic rush to clear out correctional facilities that were quickly becoming coronavirus hotspots, it was also an educational moment for the American people about mass incarceration.


The seemingly unbreakable connection between “safety” and “incarceration” was shattered. The public could see the dangers of the existing system with stark clarity.


This moment of crisis and upheaval brought us to a moment where foundational change is happening. Things that seemed impossible are now clearly possible. We are finding ways to care for each other now, and at the same time we can envision a future that is safer, healthier, and fairer.


What have we learned about the future, post-pandemic? That a “return to normal” in the justice system would be a return to failure. Now is the time to create a future of justice based on equity, health, and true public safety for all!

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