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Collaborative on Reckoning and Justice


The Square One Collaborative on Reckoning and Justice is a three-year effort to encourage reflection on racial reckoning within the criminal justice system in the United States and inspire values-driven action in response to insights gained in the process. Beginning this spring and continuing through mid-2025, a diverse group of thirty invited members will meet for a series of five two-and-a-half day facilitated convenings to envision a justice system that reckons with history and is rooted in truth-telling, human dignity, and power sharing. 


Through the individual and collective work of Collaborative members - papers, projects, podcasts, video pieces, communication campaigns, and more - the Collaborative will model the importance of sustained dialogue to understand reckoning as a crucial component of sustainable progress towards justice. This will shift narrative and cultural understanding, and will generate much-needed new ideas for foundational change - new policy solutions at the local, state, and national levels, new collaboration opportunities, and new research.

The Collaborative membership is in formation and will be announced in early spring 2023.