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The goal of the Square One Project’s Reimagining Justice Locally initiative is to support and empower local residents to reimagine a new vision of justice for their community.  In our work together, participants will reckon with the historic and current manifestations of injustices in their community, they will deepen relationships among themselves, and they will seek to develop a set of shared values that can  redistribute power and create equity across society. The local site work initiative is an extension of the Square One Project’s Executive Session and Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy, a three-year undertaking that brought together a diverse cross-section of stakeholders to reimagine justice in a series of public and private convenings. 


In continuation of the Square One  Roundtable model, Reimagining Justice Locally will host local, public-facing Roundtable convenings to cultivate the development of shared values for reimagining the criminal legal system. Partners in each local site will develop plans for information-gathering, community engagement, and other efforts to prepare for and follow up from the Roundtable convenings.


In the one hundred years following the Tulsa Race Massacre, Oklahoma has emerged as a world leader in punitive policies and practices that disproportionately impact communities of color. In an effort to understand the factors that led to Oklahoma’s overreliance on punishment and the current-day manifestations of Oklahoma’s tumultuous history, a number of Oklahoma-based leaders have committed to engaging in facilitated discussions to reimagine justice in Oklahoma.


Video Description: Project co-founders Kris Steele and Yvita Fox join Reimagining Justice in Oklahoma Steering Committee members Kym Cravatt, Senator George Young, and Project Manager Madison Dawkins in a discussion on the opportunity to reimagine justice in Oklahoma, tribal justice, and values.

Stakeholder groups in oklahoma
  • Business Leaders
  • Coinciding Social Sector Leaders
  • Movement Leaders 
  • Government Leaders 
  • Faith Leaders 
  • Cultural Leaders
“There is inconsistency when it comes to values and actions in the state of Oklahoma, particularly around the criminal legal system. Ultimately, what we want to do is to be able to hold up a mirror to the state of Oklahoma to make sure that our values are being applied consistently to the policies and the systems that we are creating, and the services that we're rendering to the the people within our state.”

Kris Steele | Co-founder, Reimagining Justice in Oklahoma