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Experts - Elizabeth Trejos-Castilo b-min

Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo

C.R. Hutcheson Endowed Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Texas Tech University

Elizabeth is the C.R. Hutcheson Endowed Associate Professor at Texas Tech University. Her research focus is interdisciplinary, rooted in human development, cross-cultural studies, psychology, sociology, criminology, and public health. Her scholarship focuses on the importance of individual characteristics and contextual factors in the etiology of risk-taking behaviors and deviance in youth, with a particular focus on ethnic minority and “at-risk” populations. Elizabeth’s scholarship is also based on a cross-cultural comparative approach that aims to generate knowledge on minority and immigrant youth and their families and the particular characteristics of these understudied groups. She uses a mixed-method approach to research through her background in ethnography, case studies, and participatory action research approaches that seeks to build evidence-based practice for the development, extension, and improvement of prevention/intervention efforts.

During the past 11 years, Elizabeth has worked closely with several local community and state-wide partners to support the well-being and positive developmental outcomes in youth. Elizabeth is also a Fulbright Fellow at the U.S. Department of State.