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Kimberly Foxx​

State’s Attorney, Cook County, Illinois

Kimberly Foxx is the first African American woman to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office – the second largest prosecutor’s office in the US. Kim has a vision for transforming the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office into a fairer, more forward-thinking agency focused on rebuilding the public trust, promoting transparency, and being proactive in making all communities safe.

Kim has revamped the office’s Conviction Integrity Unit, resulting in overturned convictions in more than 60 cases, including the first-ever mass exoneration in Cook County for 15 men whose convictions stemmed from police misconduct. Her bond reforms include instructing prosecutors to agree to recognizance bonds where appropriate, and reviewing bond decisions in cases where people are detained because they are unable to pay bonds of $1,000 or less. Kim has shifted resources away from low-level offenses to focus on violent crime, including raising the threshold for approving felony charges for retail theft to $1,000, and declining to prosecute misdemeanor traffic offenses for failure to pay tickets and fines.

Kim is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, where she earned a BA in Political Science and a JD from the SIU School of Law.