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Shaina Evans

Project Coordinator for the Square One Project

Shaina Evans is a Project Coordinator for the Square One Project, where she helps to conduct research and draft discrete products such as fact sheets, infographics, briefs, and memos. She also provides staff support for the Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy (RJAD) Initiative.

During her undergraduate career, Shaina was involved in a multitude of campus initiatives that promoted equity, empowerment, and community building. She designed a fully- funded research project that analyzed data on people’s health status prior to conviction or incarceration with the aim of understanding ableism in the court systems. She also worked for Courtwatch PG, a court watching program focused on providing accountability to system actors, where she helped train new members to become court watchers and also helped manage social media engagement for the organization.

Shaina holds a B.A. in sociology with minors in African American Studies and Political Science from Boston University.