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October 8, 2018 Durham Roundtable – Day 3

October 13, 2018

Day 3 of the Square One Project’s Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy at North Carolina Central University.

Each session opens with an overview of commissioned papers from esteemed academics whose areas of expertise are relevant to the session’s theme. Session paper writers include Susan Glisson (0:38:47), and Leah Sakala and Nancy La Vigne (1:32:30).

The Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy is a key component of the Justice Lab’s Square One Project. Square One is focused on conducting a foundational reevaluation of justice policy in this country – moving toward expanding opportunity, improving public safety in local communities, and reducing reliance on punishment as a response to social problems that are so often rooted in poverty, violence, and racial discrimination.

During the Roundtable, an invited group of participants – academics, advocates, community leaders, and practitioners – participate in a public, facilitated discussion. In-person or livestream observers can provide input, ask questions, and respond to the discussions as they occur, thanks to the technology available through our partners at the North Carolina Central University Law School’s Virtual Justice Project.


TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE POLICY AND PRACTICE – Susan Glisson | Co-Founder and Partner, Sustainable Equity, LLC
Historically, the criminal justice system has focused primarily on punishment as a response to violence, often without consideration of the need for safety and healing that the individuals and communities harmed by violence really need. Are there policies and practices that could put us on a path to repair and healing?

MODELS AND ASPIRATIONS – Leah Sakala and Nancy La Vigne | Vice President for Justice Policy, Urban Institute
Promising practices and solutions exist outside the bounds of the traditional justice system, often led by the communities most heavily impacted by the criminal justice system. What are some of these promising practices? What are their successes and their challenges? How can we learn from and amplify their work?

CLOSING DISCUSSION – Bruce Western | Co-Founder, Square One Project; Co-Director, Justice Lab and Professor of Sociology, Columbia University